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After 1-2 weeks of downtime, we are proud to be back up with a small update.
This includes
+Flappy Bird Support
+a New Tutorial for beginners.
[Supp.] liljake243 i knew it. you broke it
[Owner] Dimentio099   published Back up with an update! on News
[Supp.] liljake243 whats going on with the server?
[Supp.] liljake243   lies ;-; what will i do with my weekend now?
[Owner] Dimentio099   It is barely runnin it seems
[Supp.] liljake243   did you break it again?\
CJandIAN Uh, is UHC going on?
[Owner] Dimentio099   Nope, srry.
1 more team is needed.
[Owner] SceverBunnie17 I feel like I've been cheating on minecraft since I left it XD, I can't help it, but the world of Eorzea needs me @.@ FOR EORZEAAAAAAAA
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[Owner] ThunderDragon32   then do what SceverBunnie must do.
[Owner] SceverBunnie17 What's up with sponsor thing? I tried coming on today, but I was blocked off... Lol the one time I try coming back and it doesn't happen :p
[Owner] XxDrCrEaMZ1CLExX   lul its for UHC :p
[Owner] Dimentio099 RPG v0.02 Now available for download, remember to send feedback.
TheOnlyShad0w   joined Dynasty Of The Legends
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Dorothy101   joined Dynasty Of The Legends
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